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“Indie Folk-Pop. Just breathe that in for a second, try to visualize it, try to understand how

both concepts would work. When you fail, you’ll be ready for Alice BrightSky‘s Box of Me.”


“the slightly effervescent and almost oily voice of Alice fire-flashes out and

loops the loop like a satin ribbon.

the deli

“The NYC artist has everything you’d ever want from the loudest music you’ll ever hear,

but delivered from such an intimate place,  you’ll pull your ear in closer to find out just

what exactly she’s lost and loves.” 

Updates from Alice


Box of Me is on Pandora and Spotify, add Alice BrightSky to your stations!  You can also catch tunes from Box of Me on your local college radio station where the album continues to make the rounds.


I’ll be hitting the road (in as much as a new mom “hits the road”) starting in April, playing a show or two a month around the NY, CT and MA area.  Latest notable addition to the schedule is Earth Day fest in NYC on April 22nd.   Come down to Union Square for a late afternoon set starting at 3:45pm (take off from work early, it’s spring!).  Bring your bag-o-clothes that you’ve been meaning to donate and those old electronics that need to go to wherever old electronics go when they die.  The folks from re-FashionNYC and e-CycleNYC will be there ready and willing to receive and re-purpose your tired 90s pleather and tape eating 4-track!



Back in the studio…  Be expecting some new music in late spring/early summer.