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Alice BrightSky » About

bioAlice’s voice might be described as a cross between Jeff Buckley and Alanis Morrisette.  Her music, while folk at its core, has enough electronic, soul, rock and funk elements to make putting it in a “box” difficult, unless it’s one of her own making..

Alice has written and performed in the Northeast for more than a decade and has garnered recognition in a number of national and international songwriting competitions.  She has made many a recording, though only one that she’s ever felt was worthy enough for release.

After taking a hiatus from music for 3 years, in which time she fell in love, got married and moved to a leafy enclave outside of NYC reminiscent of her small town roots, Alice has unveiled her first LP, “Box of Me”.

Currently Alice is promoting her album, booking shows and preparing to head into the studio again this April.